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abstract S3Bucket org::jets3t::service::S3Service::createBucketImpl ( String  bucketName,
String  location,
AccessControlList  acl 
) throws S3ServiceException [protected, pure virtual]

Creates a bucket.

Implementation notes

The implementing method must populate the bucket object's metadata with the results of the operation before returning the object. It must also apply any AccessControlList settings included with the bucket.

bucketName the name of the bucket to create.
location the geographical location where the bucket will be stored (see S3Bucket#getLocation(). A null string value will cause the bucket to be stored in the default S3 location: US.
acl an access control object representing the initial acl values for the bucket. May be null, in which case the default permissions are applied.
the created bucket object, populated with all metadata made available by the creation operation.

Implemented in org::jets3t::service::impl::rest::httpclient::RestS3Service, and org::jets3t::service::impl::soap::axis::SoapS3Service.

Referenced by createBucket().

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