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abstract boolean org::jets3t::service::S3Service::isBucketAccessible ( String  bucketName  )  throws S3ServiceException [pure virtual]

Indicates whether a bucket exists and is accessible to a service user. Caution: After changes to the way S3 operates, this check started to cause issues in situations where you need to immediately create a bucket when it does not exist. To conditionally create a bucket, use the getOrCreateBucket(String) method instead.

This method can be performed by anonymous services.

Implementation notes

This method can be implemented by attempting to list the objects in a bucket. If the listing is successful return true, if the listing failed for any reason return false.

true if the bucket exists and is accessible to the service user, false otherwise.

Implemented in org::jets3t::service::impl::rest::httpclient::RestS3Service, and org::jets3t::service::impl::soap::axis::SoapS3Service.

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