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org::jets3t::apps::uploader::Uploader Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jets3t::apps::uploader::Uploader:

org::jets3t::service::multithread::S3ServiceEventListener org::jets3t::gui::HyperlinkActivatedListener

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Detailed Description

Dual application and applet for uploading files and XML metadata information to the Amazon S3 service.

For more information and help please see the Uploader Guide.

The Uploader is highly configurable through properties specified in a file uploader.properties. This file must be available at the root of the classpath.

James Murty

Definition at line 153 of file Uploader.java.

Public Member Functions

void actionPerformed (ActionEvent actionEvent)
void followHyperlink (URL url, String target)
Credentials getCredentials (AuthScheme authscheme, String host, int port, boolean proxy) throws CredentialsNotAvailableException
void init ()
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (CreateObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (DeleteVersionedObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (CopyObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (DownloadObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (UpdateACLEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (LookupACLEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (GetObjectHeadsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (GetObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (DeleteObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (CreateBucketsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (ListObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (final CreateObjectsEvent event)
 Uploader (JFrame ownerFrame, Properties standAloneArgumentProperties) throws S3ServiceException
 Uploader ()
void valueChanged (ListSelectionEvent arg0)

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String args[]) throws Exception

Static Public Attributes

static final String APPLICATION_DESCRIPTION = "Uploader/0.7.3"
static final String ERROR_CODE__MISSING_REQUIRED_PARAM = "100"
static final String ERROR_CODE__S3_UPLOAD_FAILED = "101"
static final String ERROR_CODE__UPLOAD_REQUEST_DECLINED = "102"
static final int HTTP_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT = 60000
static final int MAX_CONNECTION_RETRIES = 5
static final int SOCKET_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT = 60000
static final String UPLOADER_PROPERTIES_FILENAME = "uploader.properties"
static final int WIZARD_SCREEN_1 = 1
static final int WIZARD_SCREEN_2 = 2
static final int WIZARD_SCREEN_3 = 3
static final int WIZARD_SCREEN_4 = 4
static final int WIZARD_SCREEN_5 = 5

Private Member Functions

GatekeeperMessage buildGatekeeperResponse (S3Object[] objects) throws Exception
boolean checkProposedUploadFiles (List fileList)
void configureButton (JButton button, String propertiesPrefix)
GatekeeperMessage contactGatewayServer (S3Object[] objects) throws HttpException, Exception
void drawWizardScreen (int nextState)
void failWithFatalError (String errorCode)
void initDropTarget (Component[] dropTargetComponents)
void initGui ()
HttpClient initHttpConnection ()
SignedUrlAndObject[] prepareSignedObjects (S3Object[] objects, SignatureRequest[] signatureRequests, XmlGenerator xmlGenerator) throws Exception
String replaceMessageVariables (String message)
GatekeeperMessage retrieveGatekeeperResponse (S3Object[] objects) throws Exception
void uploadFilesToS3 ()
void wizardStepBackward ()
void wizardStepForward ()

Private Attributes

JPanel appContentPanel = null
JButton backButton = null
JPanel buttonsPanel = null
CardLayout buttonsPanelCardLayout = null
final ByteFormatter byteFormatter = new ByteFormatter()
JButton cancelUploadButton = null
int currentState = 0
JHtmlLabel dragDropTargetLabel = null
boolean fatalErrorOccurred = false
JHtmlLabel fileInformationLabel = null
int fileMaxCount = 0
long fileMaxSizeMB = 0
long fileMinSizeMB = 0
File[] filesToUpload = null
JHtmlLabel fileToUploadLabel = null
JHtmlLabel finalMessageLabel = null
final GridBagLayout GRID_BAG_LAYOUT = new GridBagLayout()
final GuiUtils guiUtils = new GuiUtils()
HttpClient httpClientGatekeeper = null
volatile boolean includeXmlSummaryDoc = false
final Insets insetsDefault = new Insets(3, 5, 3, 5)
final Insets insetsNone = new Insets(0, 0, 0, 0)
boolean isRunningAsApplet = false
JButton nextButton = null
Frame ownerFrame = null
HashMap parametersMap = new HashMap()
JPanel primaryPanel = null
CardLayout primaryPanelCardLayout = null
Exception priorFailureException = null
JProgressBar progressBar = null
JHtmlLabel progressStatusTextLabel = null
JHtmlLabel progressTransferDetailsLabel = null
S3ServiceMulti s3ServiceMulti = null
SkinsFactory skinsFactory = null
Properties standAloneArgumentProperties = null
final TimeFormatter timeFormatter = new TimeFormatter()
CancelEventTrigger uploadCancelEventTrigger = null
volatile boolean uploadCancelled = false
Jets3tProperties uploaderProperties = null
volatile boolean uploadingFinalObject = false
JHtmlLabel userGuidanceLabel = null
UserInputFields userInputFields = null
Properties userInputProperties = null
ArrayList validFileExtensions = new ArrayList()

Static Private Attributes

static final Log log = LogFactory.getLog(Uploader.class)
static final long serialVersionUID = -1648566055636164308L
static final String UPLOADER_VERSION_ID = "JetS3t Uploader/0.7.3"

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