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org::jets3t::apps::cockpit::Cockpit Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jets3t::apps::cockpit::Cockpit:

org::jets3t::service::multithread::S3ServiceEventListener org::jets3t::gui::HyperlinkActivatedListener

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Detailed Description

Cockpit is a graphical Java application for viewing and managing the contents of an Amazon S3 account. For more information and help please see the Cockpit Guide.

This is the Cockpit application class; it may be run as a stand-alone application or as an Applet.


Definition at line 166 of file Cockpit.java.

Public Member Functions

void actionPerformed (ActionEvent event)
 Cockpit (JFrame ownerFrame) throws S3ServiceException
 Cockpit ()
void followHyperlink (URL url, String target)
Credentials getCredentials (AuthScheme authscheme, String host, int port, boolean proxy) throws CredentialsNotAvailableException
void init ()
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (GetObjectHeadsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (DeleteObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (CreateBucketsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (CopyObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (CreateObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (final GetObjectHeadsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (final DeleteObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (final CopyObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (final CreateObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (DownloadObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (UpdateACLEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (LookupACLEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (final CreateBucketsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (DeleteVersionedObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (ListObjectsEvent event)
void s3ServiceEventPerformed (GetObjectsEvent event)
void valueChanged (ListSelectionEvent e)

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String args[]) throws Exception

Static Public Attributes

static final String AMAZON_S3_PAGE = "http://www.amazon.com/s3"
static final String APPLICATION_DESCRIPTION = "Cockpit/0.7.3"
static final String APPLICATION_TITLE = "JetS3t Cockpit"
static final String JETS3T_COCKPIT_HELP_PAGE = "http://jets3t.s3.amazonaws.com/applications/cockpit.html"
static final String OS_NAME_MAC = "Mac OS X"

Private Member Functions

void addThirdPartyBucket ()
void bucketSelectedAction ()
DownloadPackage[] buildDownloadPackageList (FileComparerResults comparisonResults, Map s3DownloadObjectsMap) throws Exception
S3Object[] buildUploadObjectsList (FileComparerResults comparisonResults, Map uploadingFilesMap) throws Exception
FileComparerResults compareRemoteAndLocalFiles (final Map localFilesMap, final Map s3ObjectsMap) throws Exception
void copyObjects ()
void createBucketAction ()
void deleteSelectedBucket ()
void deleteSelectedObjects ()
void displayAclModificationDialog ()
void displayObjectsAttributesDialog ()
void downloadSelectedObjects ()
String formatBytesProgressWatcherDetails (BytesProgressWatcher watcher, boolean includeBytes)
String formatTransferDetails (ThreadWatcher watcher)
void generatePublicGetUrls ()
void generateTorrentUrl ()
S3Object[] getSelectedObjects ()
void initDropTarget (JComponent[] dropTargetComponents)
void initGui ()
void initMenus ()
boolean isObjectFilteringActive ()
void listAllBuckets ()
void listBucketProperties ()
void listObjects ()
void loginEvent (AWSCredentials awsCredentials)
void logoutEvent ()
void objectSelectedAction ()
boolean retrieveObjectsDetails (final S3Object[] candidateObjects)
synchronized void runInBackgroundThread (Runnable runnable)
synchronized boolean runInDispatcherThreadImmediately (Runnable runnable)
void showBucketPopupMenu (JComponent invoker, int xPos, int yPos)
void showObjectPopupMenu (JComponent invoker, int xPos, int yPos)
void startProgressDialog (final String statusMessage, final String detailsText, final int minTaskValue, final int maxTaskValue, final String cancelButtonText, final CancelEventTrigger cancelEventListener)
void startProgressDialog (String statusText)
void stopProgressDialog ()
void updateBucketAccessControlList ()
void updateBucketRequesterPaysSetting ()
void updateObjectsSummary (boolean isIncompleteListing)
void updateProgressDialog (final String statusMessage, final String detailsText, final int progressValue)
void uploadFiles (File[] uploadFiles)

Private Attributes

JMenuItem amazonS3HelpMenuItem = null
JPopupMenu bucketActionMenu = null
JMenuItem bucketLoggingMenuItem = null
JTable bucketsTable = null
BucketTableModel bucketTableModel = null
TableSorter bucketTableModelSorter = null
final ByteFormatter byteFormatter = new ByteFormatter()
HashMap cachedBuckets = new HashMap()
boolean cloudFrontMembershipChecked = false
CloudFrontService cloudFrontService = null
JMenuItem cockpitHelpMenuItem = null
File cockpitHomeDirectory = Constants.DEFAULT_PREFERENCES_DIRECTORY
CockpitPreferences cockpitPreferences = null
Jets3tProperties cockpitProperties = null
JMenuItem copyObjectsMenuItem = null
JMenuItem createBucketMenuItem = null
S3Bucket currentSelectedBucket = null
JMenuItem deleteBucketMenuItem = null
JMenuItem deleteObjectMenuItem = null
File downloadDirectory = null
JMenuItem downloadObjectMenuItem = null
EncryptionUtil encryptionUtil = null
File fileChoosersLastUploadDirectory = null
JCheckBox filterObjectsCheckBox = null
JComboBox filterObjectsDelimiter = null
JPanel filterObjectsPanel = null
JTextField filterObjectsPrefix = null
JMenuItem generatePublicGetUrls = null
JMenuItem generateTorrentUrl = null
final GuiUtils guiUtils = new GuiUtils()
final Insets insetsDefault = new Insets(5, 7, 5, 7)
final Insets insetsZero = new Insets(0, 0, 0, 0)
boolean isStandAloneApplication = false
HashMap loginAwsCredentialsMap = new HashMap()
JMenuItem loginMenuItem = null
JMenu loginSwitchMenu = null
JMenuItem logoutMenuItem = null
JMenuItem manageDistributionsMenuItem = null
JPopupMenu objectActionMenu = null
ObjectsAttributesDialog objectsAttributesDialog = null
JLabel objectsSummaryLabel = null
JTable objectsTable = null
JScrollPane objectsTableSP = null
ObjectTableModel objectTableModel = null
TableSorter objectTableModelSorter = null
JFrame ownerFrame = null
JMenuItem preferencesDialogMenuItem = null
ProgressDialog progressDialog = null
JMenuItem refreshBucketMenuItem = null
JMenuItem refreshObjectMenuItem = null
S3ServiceMulti s3ServiceMulti = null
SkinsFactory skinsFactory = null
final TimeFormatter timeFormatter = new TimeFormatter()
final SimpleDateFormat timeSDF = new SimpleDateFormat("HH:mm:ss")
JMenuItem updateBucketACLMenuItem = null
JMenuItem updateBucketRequesterPaysStatusMenuItem = null
JMenuItem updateObjectACLMenuItem = null
JMenuItem uploadFilesMenuItem = null
JMenuItem viewBucketPropertiesMenuItem = null
JMenuItem viewOrModifyObjectAttributesMenuItem = null
final SimpleDateFormat yearAndTimeSDF = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss")

Static Private Attributes

static final int BUCKET_LIST_CHUNKING_SIZE = 1000
static final String DOWNLOAD_ALL_FILES = "Download all files"
static final String DOWNLOAD_NEW_AND_CHANGED_FILES = "Download new and changed files"
static final String DOWNLOAD_NEW_FILES_ONLY = "Only download new files"
static final Log log = LogFactory.getLog(Cockpit.class)
static final long serialVersionUID = -3982368878320163058L
static final String UPLOAD_ALL_FILES = "Upload all files"
static final String UPLOAD_NEW_AND_CHANGED_FILES = "Upload new and changed files"
static final String UPLOAD_NEW_FILES_ONLY = "Only upload new files"


class  ContextMenuListener

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